The players: Director Alex Gibney (Universal Stuidos)

About the players

Alex Gibney is a director associated with Universal's forthcoming documentary about Julian Assange and Wikileaks.  The project was publicizied in 2011 at the Sundance film festival.  This is a short biography of Mr. Gibney.

Mr. Gibney is known for his role as a director and producer of many documentary films, particularly dealing with the political issues of the 21st century.  For example, Mr. Gibney directed a movie entitled Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer which was first released in 2010. 

In some ways, Mr. Gibney is a cross between Ken Burns and Oliver Stone.  He has the eye for documentary of Ken Burns, but he handles issues that are far more relevant than Ken Burns ever realized (Ken Burns is great, but his titles are "Baseball", and "Jazz").  He shares the political eye of Oliver Stone, but has produced works more in the traditional documentary style than Stone.

A movie about WikiLeaks will be the most politically-tense movie that Mr. Gibney has been associated with.  How will he handle the pressure---will he appease the vocal minority, or will he produce a fair and balanced piece?

Photo: Alex Gibney at the Tribeca Film Festival.