The players: Producer Marc Shmuger (Universal Studios)

About the players

Marc Shmuger is a producer associated with Universal's production of a WikiLeaks documentary that was first announced at Sundance 2011.  This is a short biography of him.

Mr. Shmuger has a long history in Hollywood, but this will be one of the first production gigs he has had in recent memory.  He is responsible for pulling together movies like MilkInglourious Basterds, and Knocked Up,but he was strictly on the business side of the house and did not recieve an IMDB credit on them.

He first joined Universal in 1998 in a marketing role, before eventually becoming Co-Chairman of the studio.  Rumors report that he plays basketball and meditates at his home in Los Angeles.

Will the 2011 or 2012 Wikileaks documentary live up to his famous quote (that the movie King Kong was a "feast of an event")?  Only time will tell.

Photo: Marc Shmuger at the premiere of The Fast and the Furious.